National Criminal Justice Honor Society

Applications for membership are solicited every fall and spring. The call for applications is posted to the list-serv by the semester mid-point. Completed applications and fees (personal check or money order only) are due to the advisor no later than the semester withdrawal deadline. Applications are not processed on a 'rolling basis'.

In 1996 a UGA chapter (Upsilon Gamma Alpha) of the national honor society for criminal justice, Alpha Phi Sigma, was formed. The CJ Program Academic Advisor serves as the advisor for the UGA chapter. Please email with any questions not answered by the information listed below.

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: To be eligible for membership one must be a criminal justice major who has completed at least 40 credit hours, holds a 3.2 or better grade point average in all college level work and a 3.2 or better grade point average across four or more 3000 level or above criminal justice courses applicable to the major. For membership one must be recommended by the advisor, complete an application, and remit one time national and local dues totaling $75 (make check payable to Upsilon Gamma Alpha).

APPLICATIONS: Application materials may be found in the CJ Program Office and at the website of the National Office of Alpha Phi Sigma:

NOTE: The APS National Office will NOT accept applications and dues directly from individuals - all application correspondence must come from the UGA Chapter Advisor - please return your application materials and personal check or money order to the CJ Office.

DUES: One time national organization dues are $70 paid upon submission of the application for membership. An additional five dollars are charged as local chapter dues to defray the costs of the annual chapter dues to the national organization.

COMMENCEMENT REGALIA: Students who wish to purchase honor regalia (tassel, etc.) in anticipation of graduation should discuss that option with the advisor when submitting the application for membership.

Membership shall not be denied to any person because of age, race, sex, religion, handicap, or national origin.

History of the National Organization

In 1942 Dr. V. A. Leonard and seventeen Police Science Majors at Washington State University met to recognize the need for an Honor Society associated with the police sciences. From that meeting was born Alpha Phi Sigma and its goal of "the recognition of scholarly achievement in the field of criminal justice." From those beginnings the organization has since grown to over 170 chapters.

In 1976 the Executive Board of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences voted unanimously to designate Alpha Phi Sigma as the National Criminal Justice Honor Society. Sine 1978 Alpha Phi Sigma has held its annual convention in conjunction with the annual convention of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.

In 1981 Alpha Phi Sigma was admitted to the Association of College Honor Societies -- a testimony to its stature as a recognized honor society.

In 1996, Upsilon Gamma Alpha, the University of Georgia chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma was established. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the Criminal Justice major at UGA students are often not eligible for Alpha Phi Sigma until late in their college careers --  generally not until the second semester of the junior year.

Members of Alpha Phi Sigma receive a lapel pin, wallet card and certificate; issues of the national newsletter, The Docket; and have opportunities to compete in paper competitions and for scholarship monies; and for internships at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.