Criminal Justice Studies has a selective admission procedure that requires a student be admitted to and enrolled at UGA,  in good academic standing, and have 30 semester hours of college credit completed before applying. In addition to the 30-hour requirement, prospective Criminal Justice majors must have completed POLS, SOCI, PSYC 1101 and STAT 2000 or Calculus with no grade lower than a “C.”   A grade of "C-" is not sufficient. The average of those four classes (weighted equally) must be at least a 2.5.  Transfer students should apply to the major as soon as they meet the application requirements keeping in mind that they will need sufficient time to take required courses on campus at UGA in preparation for the internship semester.


Students should indicate on their application to UGA that they wish to be intended-criminal justice majors in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. Prior to admission to the Criminal Justice Studies Program such students should advise within the College of Arts and Sciences. Intended-CJ majors with 60 or more hours should meet with the Criminal Justice Studies Academic Advisor to discuss application and admission to the major as well as access to classes. Please see the advising page for more information on how to contact the CJ academic advisor.

Credit for Transfer Courses

Once admitted to the CJ Major, transfer students who have completed criminal justice courses at another institution may petition for credit of courses which transferred in as electives rather than major courses. In order to petition for credit, the student will need to bring one or more of the following: the transfer college catalogue, course syllabi, or course texts. No lower division courses will be applied to the major and no more than two upper division classes may be applied to the major course of study. Lower division courses may be applied to UGA General Education Requirements (ie. CJ Core Area IV) or general electives; additional upper division classes may be credited to general electives. For an indication of transfer equivalency please access the pertinent section of the UGA Bulletin here.


A student eligible to apply to the major needs to fill out a program application form (see below or available from the program office) and turn it into the program office. It is not necessary to submit a transcript or DegreeWorks print out.

Access CJ major application here.