On March 14th, 2016, Dr. Steven E. Clark, Presley Center for Crime and Justice Studies Director and Professor of Psychology at University of California, Riverside, gave the 7th annual Susette M. Talarico lecture to a capacity crowd in the Larry Walker Room of the UGA Law School Annex.  A leading expert on human memory, Dr. Clark's talk focused on mistaken eyewitness identification—a leading cause of wrongful conviction.  He assessed whether current legal reforms surrounding lineups and the use of eyewitness testimony are better (or worse) in producing accurate, truthful understandings of the events surrounding the crime.   Dr.  Clark suggested a way forward, to develop, implement, and assess eyewitness legal reform.

Support for the Talarico lecture series is provided by the Susette M. Talarico fund, the Criminal Justice Society, the Department of Political Science, and the Department of Sociology.


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