From the Intern Coordinator:

Hello! I’d like to provide some information about the internship required for your criminal justice degree.

My role is to assist you in your search for an acceptable internship. While it is ultimately up to you to secure your own, full-time, one semester internship, I am here to assist you in any way I can.

First, please note that all internships must be approved by the program. You should plan to complete your internship during your last term as a CJ major prior to graduation. Please make sure you are on track to graduate by meeting with your academic advisor, Mr. Phares.

Second, be aware that there are a limited number of internships available in the Athens area. If you are planning on staying in Athens, UGA and other schools compete for the same placements. For that reason, it is important for our CJ majors to begin the internship process in a timely manner in order to assure that a placement may be found. 

Third, we routinely screen and approve internships around the state and the entire country. Some of you may want to move home to complete the internship, while others may wish to travel elsewhere. For example, the Washington D.C. internship program is very popular, and we routinely place students in federal level internships during fall and spring in D.C.

Fourth, internships run the spectrum from law enforcement agencies, courts, prosecution and defense, probation, corrections, juvenile justice, and non-profit agencies. We routinely place students in local, state and federal level programs.

My goal is to get you to think of where you want to start your career upon graduation, and find an internship that will provide you with ample opportunity to pursue those plans. Some students may be contemplating law school or graduate school; others to go directly to work in their career. The internship is designed to be an experiential capstone to your undergraduate experience and prepare you for the future.

Please start thinking about this soon. Students should ideally be taking classes in the major that will fit with a possible internship. You will need to make an internship planning appointment with me at least two semesters prior to the term you wish to complete it.

I look forward to meeting with you and helping find the best internship experience possible before graduation.


Todd Krohn

Internship Coordinator