The Fall 2018 application deadline is 5:00 pm Friday August 24th

Those admitted during the Summer and Fall of 2018 should attend the new major meeting Tuesday, September 4th, 5pm, Room 102 of Baldwin Hall.

Those admitted during the Summer and Fall of 2018 should attend the general internship information meeting Tuesday, September 11th, 5pm Room 102 of Baldwin Hall.

(N.B. 2018 is the last calendar year for which there will have been a summer application cycle.)

A complete application consists of (click the following text) a completed hard copy of the application form. It is no longer necessary to submit a transcript, DegreeWorks printout, etc.

Because of the inter-disciplinary nature of the major and the mandatory internship in the final semester before graduation the Criminal Justice Studies major is available by application and admission only. Students interested in majoring in Criminal Justice Studies should plan to apply and be admitted to the major no later than fall semester of their junior year.

To apply to the major a student must be (1) be enrolled at UGA and be in good academic standing (2) have completed at least thirty hours of college level work (this may include AP, IB and joint enrollment)  (3) have completed POLS, SOCI, PSYC 1101 and statistics or calculus with no grade less than "C" (a grade of 'C-' is not sufficient) and with a 2.5 gpa or better on the four classes (Statistics/calculus, if offered as a four credit class, is treated as a 3-hour course when calculating this GPA).  Students who meet these criteria are admitted to the major.  When applying to UGA, students should specify Intended-CJ/Arts and Sciences on their UGA application.

Applications are accepted and admission granted every fall and spring. Effective with the 2018 - 2019 academic year there will no longer be a summer application cycle. Current application deadlines are noted above. As a general rule of thumb the application deadline is set as the Friday at the end of the first full week after drop/add closes. Hard copy of the application (no faxes, email, etc) should be turned into the CJ offices -- 221 Baldwin Hall. It is not necessary to submit a transcript or DegreeWorks print-out.