The internship semester is an important part of the undergraduate program in Criminal Justice at the University of Georgia. The primary purpose of the internship is to provide students with an opportunity to integrate academic knowledge with experiences obtained in an operational setting. The internship experience also develops skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career in a criminal justice field. These goals are accomplished through the careful placement of students in agencies that adhere to the highest ideals of professionalism.

Ordinarily, the intern is assigned to an agency supervisor whose duties are cast in the mainstream activities of the organization and whose work represents what the intern might reasonably expect to encounter should he or she pursue a career within this sector of the criminal justice system. The agency supervisor is asked to view the intern as an apprentice who is learning to perform the major tasks associated with the job at hand. In this way, the intern learns the organizational routine and benefits from the experience and expertise of the agency supervisor. The internship is also an academic learning experience with faculty assigned to supervise student interns’ academic work, including an original research project and a series of analytical essays.

During the internship semester, students will earn 15 semester credit hours and will be required to work full time in the agency. Spring and Fall Semester interns spend approximately 14 weeks in a semester working in the agency, taking the remaining five days intermittently during the term to do library research and/or consult with the internship professor. Students should use the days away from the agency to work on fulfilling the academic requirements of the internship. Students must submit a plan for the five days to be absent from the agency, including dates and how the time will be used, and must secure permission from the agency for the days of planned absence. Summer interns are required to register for the extended Summer term (with three days away from the agency).  This schedule enables summer interns to spend 12 weeks in the agency and ensures their experience is comparable to that of the Fall and Spring semester interns.

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