Criminal Justice Studies has a selective admission procedure that requires a student to be in good academic standing and have 30 semester hours of college credit completed before applying. In addition to the 30-hour requirement, prospective Criminal Justice majors must have completed the following four courses with no grade lower than a “C” -- POLS, SOCI, and  PSYC 1101 and STAT 2000. The average of these four classes (weighted equally) must be at least a 2.5. STAT 2000 counts as a three-hour course for the GPA.  Students should be aware that they should apply (and be admitted) to the major as soon as they meet the 30-hour requirement so that they can sufficiently plan for the coursework needed in preparation for the internship semester.


Students applying to UGA who wish to be Criminal Justice Studies majors should indicate, where appropriate, on their application to UGA:  intended-criminal justice. Incoming freshmen  interested in criminal justice studies are enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences.  Students interested in the CJS major are encouraged to meet with the program academic advisor prior to applying. The advisor's office is located in 221 Baldwin Hall.  Please see the section on Advising on this web site for more detailed information.


A student eligible to apply to the major needs to fill out a program application form (see below or available from the program office) and turn it into the program office.

Get the CJ Major Application here.