What Can I Do with a CJ Studies Degree?

The B.A. in Criminal Justice Studies is a flexible degree that offers students a number of career options.  Many of our students go directly into careers in criminal justice.  Such students work, for example, as probation/parole officers, victim advocates, loss-prevention specialists, or as officers in federal, state, or local law enforcement. Other students choose related careers in social service agencies or seek advanced degrees to prepare them for careers in counseling, research, or the law.

POLS 4905 (a required, one-hour S/U class), is designed to introduce students to the field of criminal justice with speakers and panels from various occupations.  This course will also include a panel with information on graduate degree programs that may be of interest to CJ students. Students should also plan on attending the annual alumni panel each fall.  Finally, students will find speakers sponsored by the CJ Society to be an invaluable source of information on career choices.

There are a number of resources on campus to assist CJ Majors with career decisions. The UGA Career Center has prepared (click on) an information sheet for Criminal Justice Studies majors in their "What Can I Do with a Major in ... ?" series.