Fall 2018 - Spring 2019 Deadlines and Important Dates

Friday August 24th 2018

Applications due to CJ office by 5:00 pm

Tuesday September 4th 2018

New major meeting for summer and fall admits

5:00 pm 102 Baldwin

Tuesday September 11th 2018

Internship information and planning meeting for new admits

5:00 pm 102 Baldwin

Friday January 25th 2019

Applications due to CJ office by 5:00 pm

Friday January 29th 2019

New major meeting for spring admits

Tuesday February 5th 2019

Internship information and planning meeting for new admits

8th Annual Susette M. Talarico Lecture

Christopher Uggen, Regents Professor and Martindale Chair in Sociology and Law at the University of Minnesota, spoke at this year’s Talarico Lecture. Sponsored by the Criminal Justice Studies Program, the Criminal Justice Society and the Department of Political Science (School of Public and International Affairs) and the Department of Sociology (Franklin College of Arts and Sciences) the lecture honors the service and legacy of Dr. Talarico  among whose many distinctions was serving as the Director of the Criminal Justice Studies Program for 22 years.

CJSP Visits State Prison

On 31 January 2017 members of the Criminal Justice Society, CJ majors and faculty and staff visited the Jackson Diagnostic and Classification Center. This is the central intake facility for the state prison system and home to "Death Row." Students found it to be a markedly different experience than the earlier visit to the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta.

UPDATED Important Early Spring 2017 Dates

Monday January 30th ... sign-up sheet posted for advising appointments for Fall classes

Tuesday January 31st ... mandatory new majors meeting. MLC 147 at 5:00 PM

Monday February 6th ... start advising appointments for Fall classes

Tuesday February 7th ... general internship information meeting. What is the internship? How do I get an internship? What should I be doing now? MLC 148 at 3:30 pm

Monday February 27th ... call for applications for new members and regalia orders for CJ honor society

Wednesday March 15th ... annual Susette M. Talarico lecture

UPDATED Fall 2016 Key Dates, Meetings and Events

26 August ... applications to the major for Fall 2016 admissions are due (hard copy of the application form only; DegreeWorks print out, transcript, etc no longer required) to the CJ office by 5:00 pm

6 September ... Mandatory new major meeting at 5:00 pm Baldwin 326 ... appointment sign-up sheet for Spring 2017 advising appointments goes up outside of CJ office

12 September ... advising appointments for Spring 2017 start

Thirty two went in and ...

fortunately, the same 32 came out. On Wednesday, March 30th, 2016 students, faculty and staff of the CJ program made a field trip to Atlanta. First stop was the Federal Penitentiary. Participants are picutred here on the steps of the main entrance. Next stop was the US Courthouse building for information sessions with US Probations, the US Marshall and the DEA followed by a meeting with Federal Judge the Honorable Ms Leigh May.

2016 Talarico Lecture

Dr. Steven E. Clark, Presley Center for Crime and Justice Studies Director (University of California, Riverside), will give the 2016 Susette M. Talarico lecture at 11:00 am Monday March 14th in the Larry Walker Room of the UGA Law School Annex. Dr Clark's talk, "Truth, Justice, and Eyewitness Identification",  suggests "a way forward, to develop, implement, and assess eyewitness legal reform." Dr. Clark's career has emphasized "experimental research on human memory and eyewitness identification."

Spring 2016 Key Dates, Meetings and Events

25 Feb ... 5:00 pm ... 326 Baldwin Hall ... General Internship Information meeting

14 Mar ... 11:00 am .. Walker Room, Law School Annex ... Talarico Lecture

21 Mar ... All Scholarship Applications due to Ms. Arnold

22 Mar ... Withdrawal Deadline ... all APS applications/regalia orders due

1 Apr ..... 3:00 pm ... 326 Baldwin Hall ... Current semester interns meeting

1 Apr ..... 6:30 pm ... Georgia Center ... graduation and awards banquet

8 Apr ....  Registration for Fall 2016 classes starts